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Reimagine work

It’s time for a leadership revolution, not evolution

Opportunity to redesign

Knowledge work has evolved over the past century by progressively absorbing new technologies: telephones, skyscrapers, copiers, word processors, computers, spreadsheets, the internet and mobile. They’ve been cobbled together based on frameworks built for predictable, linear businesses and tied to 9-to-5, office-based work. The sudden move to remote work provides the opportunity to question decades of orthodoxy, to reimagine culture and norms, and leverage technology to create a better way to work.

Introducing the Future Forum

The Future Forum is dedicated to the proposition that companies who align and equip their knowledge workers the best will win. We bring together original research, thought leadership from a variety of perspectives, and hands-on content that leaders can use to create better teams. We believe that thoughtful deliberations and discourse, sharing of insights, exposure to new technologies, and mutual dissatisfaction with the status quo will help us all lead a revolution to a better way to work.