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What we do

About the Future Forum

The Future Forum helps companies gain competitive advantage by leveraging technology to augment human potential, acquire and align talent, and develop organizational agility.  

The Future Forum is dedicated to the proposition that companies who align and equip their knowledge workers the best will win. That thoughtful deliberations and discourse, sharing of insights, exposure to new technologies, and mutual dissatisfaction with the status quo will help us all lead a revolution to a better way to work. 

Our role is in inspiring bold actions to re-imagine leadership and management in the context of accelerating digital transformation.

Why now?

The insights and challenges created by the pandemic offer leaders the opportunity to transform your organization.

Turn challenges into a call-to-action

The combined challenges of pandemic, recession, and social unrest have left many teams feeling adrift and raised the challenges managers face by an order of magnitude -- and there’s no snap back to normal coming. Going back isn’t an option -- so how fast can you move forward?

Win the war for talent

The ability to move work from centralized headquarters to distributed teams and flexible working hours allows companies to attract from broader pools and engage more diverse talent. Rethinking how teams collaborate asynchronously and in real time unlocks potential -- and breaks the tyranny of 9-to-5 non-stop meetings.

Leverage digital tools to augment human potential

Modern collaboration tools and open platforms enable teams to move headquarters online. Technology can enable organizations to re-think the traditional physical limits of the office, create shared purpose, and allow the human beings on our teams to fully utilize their potential in pursuit of the organization’s shared objectives

Read our announcement blogpost to learn more.

The time for revolution is now.