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What we do

About the Future Forum

Future Forum enables leaders to reimagine work through data and dialogue, to create a people-centric and digital-first future of work.

Future Forum equips leaders to drive transformation at work, helping them reimagine how people, process and tools come together to make work better for people as well as companies. We believe that business challenges and competitive advantages in this century come down to people — how you attract and retain diverse talent, how you align them against common purpose that engages them fully, and how you enable them to act with agility to achieve great things.

Our role is in inspiring bold actions to re-imagine leadership and management in the context of accelerating digital transformation.

We know there aren’t easy answers, but through combining insight and dialog, we can collectively create better ways to work together. We bring together insightful research and thought leaders with forums for dialog among executives who are working to reshape their companies for the future. 

Why now?

The insights and challenges created by the pandemic offer leaders the opportunity to transform their organization.

Today's challenges are a call-to-action

We believe there is a massive opportunity to reimagine management -- to leverage digital tools to drive true digital transformation, not just a digital transition of legacy processes born in the first industrial revolution. The combined challenges of pandemic, recession, and social unrest have created an opportunity for massive change. Expectations aren't moving backwards —so how fast can leaders move forward?

Work is a critical part of many people’s lives. We know it can be better. Technology shifts over the past decade, combined with insights from the past year and an openness to change on the part of employees and leaders, create a unique opportunity for leaders to rethink where and how work gets done. 

People are the key to competitive advantage

We believe that employee engagement will be the key driver of corporate returns in the coming decades. The ability to attract, retain and harness people's potential will be the critical determinant of success in any industry. We believe that inclusiveness will be a key to success. Diverse teams create better results, and demographics mean that legacy cultures will inhibit the ability to attract and retain talent. Sizable investments in inclusivity, equity, and belonging are required to unlock the potential of diverse teams, and will yield disproportionate results.

Leverage digital tools to augment human potential

Modern collaboration tools and open platforms enable teams to move the "headquarters" online. Technology can enable organizations to re-think the traditional physical limits of the office, create shared purpose, and allow the people on our teams to fully utilize their potential in pursuit of the organization’s shared objectives.

The time for revolution is now.

Our partners

We work with industry and academic institutions to publish research, case studies and position papers publicly to drive discussion about the future of work and enable teams to build off best practices.

Future Forum events

Future Forum Executive Summit

October 5, 2021

In this executive summit, we’ll share an exclusive first look at new data from our quarterly Future Forum Pulse survey, including the differences between executive and employee experience, and the best ways to avoid biased decision making. We’ll dive deeper in a conversation with Priya Parker on ways to rethink your approach to gathering and driving connection. Finally, we’ll share Future Forum playbooks on re-skilling managers to lead with trust and transparency in an age of uncertainty, and measuring success in a digital-first world.

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Future Forum presents: A Summit on fostering collaboration & creativity in the workplace

March 30, 2021

For our upcoming forum, we are bringing together leading academics who are studying team collaboration and creativity. The objective is to help us, as leaders, shape a future of work that unleashes the potential of our organizations’ most valuable asset: our people.

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“Reimagine Work” CXO summit

February 22, 2021

As part of the "Reimagine Work" event series, Future Forum partnered with FORTUNE to convene CXOs to connect, share insights, and build the new future of work together.

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CXO roundtable series: How do you show up?

January 21, 2021

FORTUNE and Future Forum hosted its third “Reimagine Work” summit roundtable to discuss how leaders can create more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

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CXO roundtable series: New ways to lead

December 15, 2020

FORTUNE and Future Forum hosted its second “Reimagine Work” summit roundtable focused on the challenges that leaders—especially middle managers—face in the remote work environment. How can they foster productivity, belonging, and connectivity, all while combating burnout?

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CXO roundtable series: Farewell to the office?

November 12, 2020

In partnership with FORTUNE, Future Forum hosted its first in a series of “Reimagine Work” executive roundtables; this session focused on the role that physical offices will play in the world of hybrid work.

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“Academic summit: Perspectives on diversity, equity, and belonging in the workplace “

October 27, 2020

Future Forum hosted its first academic summit with six illustrious academics to get their insights on two key themes: how to build an anti-racist organization and the future of how teams should operate.

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FORTUNE Global Forum: Revolutionizing how we work

October 27, 2020

Future Forum's Brian Elliott led a strategy session at the FORTUNE Global Forum on the the massive opportunities the pandemic has presented to rethink the workplace beyond the 9-to-5 norms rooted in the office of the past.

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Frontiers executive track: Adam Grant on leading teams in a remote work world

October 7, 2020

Future Forum hosted a live conversation with guest speaker Adam Grant, organizational psychologist and professor at The Wharton School of Business, bestselling author, and host of WorkLife, a TED original podcast. Video from the session highlights Future Forum research findings shared by Brian Elliott.

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