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Navigating the web of change in the world of work

Announcing our partnership with Fortune

Posted December 2, 2020 by Sheela Subramanian

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The Future Forum is launching a partnership with Fortune to explore major changes in the way people and companies work. The partnership is a series of content and events dedicated to giving executives the context, data, and blueprints required to reimagine the way their organization works.

“We’re in a period of complex change but our research points to massive opportunities to leverage the moment to create a lasting impact that can make people’s working lives better and improve business performance,” said Brian Elliott, Vice President of the Future Forum. “Fortune is the perfect partner for us because they have the ability to tell the story and drive conversation about the major changes impacting the world of work. This partnership is all about accelerating our progress in delivering on our mission to help companies radically reimagine the way they work.”

“We’re in the middle of a revolution in the world of work. We are partnering with the Future Forum to help educate people about the major trends that will impact their working lives. This partnership will help us arm people with the information they need to get ahead of the change and create a new formula for success.”

Alan Murray
CEO of Fortune

The partnership includes:

  • The Worksheet, a weekly newsletter edited by Mitra Kalita that shares new insights and summarizes key developments in the world of work. Sign up here.
  • The “Smarter Working” content hub, which includes curated content from Fortune, pulling together articles about key developments in the world of work from sections such as “Careers”, “Finance” and “Tech.”
  • Executive Events: a series of events for C-suite leaders in the Fortune 500 to exchange ideas on how to transform their organizations for a new era of work.

This is a period of unprecedented change and dynamic opportunity for executives. Leaders have a once in a lifetime chance to reinvent the way their organizations operate and the way they manage. With this Fortune partnership, the Future Forum will grow its focus on helping more leaders navigate a web of change and emerge stronger than ever.